Top 5 Avoidable Retail Signage Display Mistakes

Top 5 Avoidable Retail Signage Display Mistakes


Marketing is a creative field, but there are ways you can do it wrong. If you want to maximize your efforts, here are the top five avoidable retail signage display mistakes.

Overwhelming With Text

People who read your signage don’t want all the details in big, bold letters. You want people to read the main points, so refrain from giving them all the work. If you want to maximize your marketing visibility, you must work hard to streamline your words and phrasing to avoid confusion and get your point across. A text-filled sign will feel overwhelming to look at, so simplify and rework your signage display until you have quick, easy-to-read, palatable information in place.

Confusing With Font

Passersby should be able to easily read your sign. Apart from the words themselves, you must consider how they look. If you use fancy fonts that are aesthetically pleasing but impossible to decipher, your marketing strategy will fall flat. People don’t always want to feel blown away by the beauty of your font—they want information, and they want it quickly. Save the creativity for more artistic marketing efforts.

Crowding With Presentation

When you present displays and hang signs around your store, the last thing you want to do is overcrowd people. Signs that brush their heads or display tables in the middle of the aisles that restrict movement will only frustrate customers instead of making them interested in your products. If you want to avoid these frustrations, spread the signs throughout the store instead of grouping them in one place. You should also factor in the floor plan and how traffic flow to the sales areas will impact the physical space for movement. One way to keep signs out of the way is to hang them in your windows. If you need to hang your signs, you should find a window sign holder to help.

Distracting With Lighting

Lighting is vital to your success. If people cannot see the items you want them to buy, they will overlook them in favor of the better-lit part of the store. Suppose you want people to peruse the display at your supermarket bakery. If the bakery is in some dim-lit corner of the store, you’ll likely lose out on sales. Light up the bakery and focus all the attention on the discount section.

Boring With Old Ideas

While remembering the past helps propel us into the future, it isn’t always the best option for marketing. People want to feel wowed every time they come to your store, so surprise them with new signs and catchy phrases rather than reposting the same discount sign. Stagnancy is the last thing you want when it comes to creative advertising.

Knowing the top five avoidable retail signage display mistakes can help you develop an even better marketing strategy. If you have any questions, reach out to us at The Global Display Solution today.