Top Tips to Properly Display Electronics In Your Retail Storefront

19th Jan 2019

digital display stand

According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. For stores that sell big-ticket items, such as electronic stores, even a few more sales per day could bring in significantly more revenue. While implementing a variety of creative retail display ideas can help to boost sales from digital display stands, knowing how to organize items properly and arrange them in a way that's conducive to consumer habits is the key to moving inventory quickly. Here are just a few top tips to properly advertise your electronics store's digital display stands.

Keep it simple.

As is the case with many different types of product stand displays, electronics stands should be kept simple so that consumers don't get distracted from the big picture. You shouldn't feel the need, for example, to fill up empty space with showy or over-the-top graphics that detract from the overall message. Just communicate the most essential information -- the rest will take care of itself.

Organize and label items properly.

Full priced merchandise performed 18% better with signage than without, so it shouldn't be a surprise that properly labeling electronics can boost sales as well. If customers have to look around for the specs or prices of any type of electronics, they may just walk away to avoid wasting more time. Make sure to properly label all electronics to make shoppers' experience as convenient and carefree as possible.

Keep records of successful displays by taking photographs.

Your store may benefit from keeping a well-documented collection of previous electronics retail displays. You can take note of which displays have boosted sales by the greatest margins and which were more trouble than they were worth. Keeping up with retail consumer habits can help to predict future potential trends as well.

On average, consumers are exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day, and it's up to you to keep customers intrigued with the variety of electronics your store has to provide. Don't hesitate to switch up your displays often to keep giving customers a reason to return and see what's new. For more information about digital display stands, contact The Global Display Solution.