Uses and Benefits of Digital Signage for Schools

9th Jan 2020

Uses and Benefits of Digital Signage for Schools

Digital signage offers a beneficial tool for many industries. The education industry is one of the fastest growing users of digital signage today, especially in ever-competitive universities. More and more universities, colleges, and other higher education facilities use digital signage to improve their campuses. Learn more about the multiple uses and benefits of digital signage for schools in this easy guide.

Cost effective

Switching from traditional signage to digital signage is a cost-effective switch. While the initial costs may be higher for an investment in digital signs, the return on investment comes quickly and stays with you. Below we explain a few of the many ways digital signage saves money.

Saves on other costs

By adding digital signs to your campus or building, you cut down on your need for posters, flyers, and other means of communicating with students. You won’t have to pay for ink, toner, paper, or professional printing ever again. You also won’t need the manpower to hang hundreds of posters; you can simply program all of your wall mount sign holderscreens to show your information at any given time.

Makes money with advertisements

You can run ads on your digital signs while controlling the content to protect your students. You can sell ad space and times to the highest bidder, or you can even tailor the advertisements to those that benefit students. The include local tutoring services, bookstore sales, and student discounts or free days at local attractions.

Increases awareness, attendance, and income

You can run advertisements for your own educational system’s events to raise awareness. More students will likely show up to a function if more of them know about it, and a colorful digital display is the perfect way to grab attention. More students attending events means more revenue for your educational institution.


Digital signage is a useful tool. The possibilities are nearly endless with what you can achieve with the help of a digital sign. Here are some of the most beneficial uses of digital signage in the education industry.

Increases safety

Campus or building-wide digital displays can be coupled with an emergency alert systems to display pertinent information during an emergency situation. For example, they can display weather alerts and corresponding safety information, such as a tornado shelter location within the building and other important safety measures to take. Digital displays can display custom information, and the signage can switch at the touch of a button.

Event promotion/announcements

Digital signs can display automated event listings, much like a poster board, except it can change in increments or at certain times of the day to better fit a target market. For example, a sign in the café at midnight may need to display tutoring services and study session advertisements, while that same sign in the same café at noon may benefit from showing a poster for an upcoming play. With digital signs, nobody has to go change the poster four times a day. One person can simply set up each visual to show at each point in the day and never worry about it again.

Lunch Menus

Students waiting in line at the cafeteria may waste their time when they don’t know their options until they reach the counter. Then, they could take a few minutes to decide which option appeals to them or ask about ingredients and nutritional values of each item. This turns lunch hour into a hassle. With digital signs, you can display the food options, key ingredients, and showcase each item’s nutritional information. This works to minimize lines while keeping students better informed about the food they eat.

Campus maps

For new students, prospective students, visitors, or even current students in need of finding a new building, campus maps are essential. It’s highly unlikely for students to carry around physical maps of campus, so suppling them with building directories, wayfinding displays, and proper orientation materials allows them to navigate campus to the best of their abilities. Digital signs are perfect for this task. They can show maps of campus with accurate current location markings along with building directories, best routes, and other needed campus information.

Improves communications

Digital signs can improve communications throughout campus and all university campus locations. They can inform students about room changes, absent professors, exam schedules, and more. This eliminates the need for paper signs taped to walls that could fall off, get torn, or simply fail to catch the attention of students.

Digital signs also help to improve internal communications by providing a means of interconnectivity through networks. Information can be coordinated so that it’s all displayed at the correct time and in the correct locations. They can also serve as an emergency communication device when other methods of communication are down.

Environmentally friendly

Switching over to a digital signage system is not only good for your educational environment, but for the environment too. Digital signs can ease your strain on the environment in multiple ways. One such way is that digital signs eliminate the need for paper products to be used throughout campus to relay information. You won’t need to professionally print posters anymore, and you won’t even need to print flyers and brochures. All the information you want to display can simply be uploaded to your digital displays. Digital displays are also reusable and can have the display image changed infinitely.

Leaves a better impression

Leaving a good impression on potential students, their parents, and potential donors is essential to maintaining a positive image for your educational system. Digital signage helps to leave a better impression because it makes your campus seem more up-to-date. Students and their parents visiting your campus for the first time want to feel confident in the school’s informational systems and financial well-being before they decide to attend your institution. Digital signs that clearly display necessary information, personalized greetings for potential students, and orientation schedules will make your prospective students feel right at home, and it can better aid them in envisioning themselves at your school.

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