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Want To Maximize Customer Retention? Here Are 3 Sign Placement Mistakes To Avoid


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When it comes to creating an appealing and inviting retail store, there are many small details that are often neglected. Sign placement, for example, is an element that can be critical to even get customers to walk in the door. If you're investing in retail signs, don't let them go to waste by putting them in the wrong locations. Here are some mistakes to avoid when placing retail signs throughout your store.

  1. Mistake: Not putting a sign near the front entrance
    This is especially critical if your store is located in a mall or other shopping center, but it applies to standalone buildings as well. First impressions are everything, and what better way to attract customers than by advertising your best deal right off the bat? Keep the sign short and simple, place it in a visible spot where you imagine customers' eyes would first be drawn to, and voila -- more customers in the door.

  2. Mistake: Not taking full advantage of directory signage
    Whether your store is a tiny boutique or a Wal-Mart sized monstrosity, customers always appreciate directory signs to help them get to the items they want to browse. Not only does full priced merchandise perform 18% better with signage, but without directory signs, customers may get frustrated trying to find what they need, give up entirely, and take their business someplace else. Consider placing them on indoor sign stands throughout aisles, shelves, or display racks for added customer retention.

  3. Mistake: Not placing signs at eye-level
    This isn't a universal rule, of course, but in most cases, placing signs at eye-level ensures that your customers will see them in full. Directory signs are generally placed at a bit of a higher altitude, but signs on display stands, poster easels, and glass doors should typically be placed at eye-level whenever possible to maximize visibility. Again, if you're uncertain, walk through your store as if you're a first-time customer and take note of how visible your signs actually are. If they're too low, consider placing them on indoor sign stands.

  4. Ultimately, these are just a few mistakes to try to avoid if you want to optimize your storefront as a whole and improve customer retention. For more information about custom retail displays, contact The Global Display Solution.

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