Ways To Convert More Sales With In-Store Display Signs

Ways To Convert More Sales With In-Store Display Signs

Published by Global Display Solution on January 6, 2023, 12:34 pm

There are so many different strategies for building and securing a successful retail business. Even if your store has products people want and need, you still need to find new ways to be marketable and appealing to your customers. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else for their needs. Here are some ways to convert more sales with in-store display signs.

Give Them a Reason

Sometimes, customers need that extra push in the right direction. You need to provide them with a reason to shop at your business. It’s more than the typical sales pitch of “we have it, and you want it.” It’s more about why the customer wants your products specifically.

Every product has features and benefits, and that’s what you need to promote. Focus on your products’ benefits and reasons to buy them from your store. It could be as simple as marketing the idea around a specific season. A new coffeemaker for the winter or a mountain bike for the summer can gently sway a person into a purchase.

1,000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a brand. Yours can be worth 10,000 words if you market it well on your display signs. Your brand doesn’t need to be on every sign, but it does need to be strategically placed.

Remind your customers why they’re shopping with you, and it will encourage them to come back for more. Use the voice of the brand to create headlines for printed signs. The key is consistency—keep the same tone and style to avoid customer confusion.

Promote the New

There’s always something new to promote; if you don’t market new products, then you need to change that immediately. Promote additions and affordable products for customers. Always keep things balanced. If you need to promote some expensive items, pair them with an inexpensive one or a service.

There’s a reason why “buy one get one free” is so popular. Customers only spend their money once, and the second item is like a gift from the vendor. Placing these signs on your shop’s display windows grabs customers’ attention and encourages them to enter.

Make It Personal

People are more likely to buy items they’re drawn to. It might seem difficult to make the products in your store geared toward the general population, but it’s not. Using the word “you” or “your” is more effective than you think!

Specifically addressing customers in a statement encourages them to visualize themselves with the product. Now, they’ll want to buy it because of the picture you painted for them. Use some of our mounted sign holders for these personalized statements.

At Global Display Solution, we’re all about self-promotion and finding new ways to convert more sales with in-store display signs.