Ways To Improve Your Deli Signage

Ways To Improve Your Deli Signage


How you market your products impacts how people experience them and subsequently decide to purchase them. With food items, it’s important to have precise and attractive signs to direct consumers. Here are a few ways to improve your deli signage.

Sign Placement

Your signs are the simplest method of communication with your customers, so they must be located in logical and easy-to-see places. Without adequate accessibility, you won’t reach your customers as you desire. The biggest factor affecting visibility and accessibility is sign placement. If you’re placing your information on the ground of your store, you should use a free standing sign holder such as the ones we have here at The Global Display Solution. At your deli, consider placing signs on the floor in front of the counter at the customers’ eye level or just below.

Sign Type

Sign type also matters. Because they’re so customizable, signage can come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and versions. But, the main two to familiarize yourself with are the digital sign and the paper sign. Paper signs are perfect for places where you post frequently changing information or easy-to-understand ideas, such as today’s product sales. Digital signage, on the other hand, is a great way to improve the menu display at your deli. Because it’s backlit and the font size can change, many older customers will be able to better read your information. Also, digital signage allows you to include various media files such as videos, gifs, and animations—all of which add to the allure of your sign.

Sign Design

Your deli signage may be in the right place, but it may not present in an eye-catching fashion. Be sure to work with your marketing team or research various ideas online to address design ideas. Focus on the coloring, font lettering and size, and the overall organization of the sign. If people have a hard time reading fancy fonts or discerning same-colored letters from their background, you won’t have an effective sign.

Use these ways to improve your deli signage and watch as people begin to receive your information more clearly. If you have any questions about signage types or sign holders, reach out to our professionals at The Global Display Solution today!