When to Replace Your Digital Signs

3rd Aug 2020

fresh veggiesDigital signage is a great investment for your business. Many stores and consumer-facing businesses are starting to ditch the old model of signage in favor of the superior digital signage. Digital signage is much longer lasting than paper and traditional signage, although it still requires updates. Technology is constantly changing and adapting to new systems, and that’s why it’s recommended to periodically update and replace your digital signs. Check out this guide to know when to replace your digital signs.

They stop functioning properly

When your digital signage stops functioning as it is supposed to or is no longer working as well as it once was, it may be time to replace it. Digital signage relies on software, and software updates often surpass what the actual technology can handle within a decade. At the rate technology is progressing, you may want to schedule maintenance, or at least a check in, for your digital signage to ensure that it can handle the updates to software that are continuously being added. These can, over time, slow the performance and lessen the experience of the digital signage.

Your customers aren’t paying attention anymore

When people get used to seeing a certain sign or kiosk, they tend to ignore it or drown it out as if it was other advertising noise. Once your customers start to tune out your signage, they are no longer benefitting from it – and neither is your business. This is a sure sign that it’s time to invest in newer, more exciting digital signage. Upgrading your commercial digital signage display can make people want to pay attention again. New things are always given more attention than old, especially when it comes to a store customers most likely shop at very often. This is a great way to renew their interest in your signage and what your store has to say.

You want new digital signs

You don’t need a reason to make an investment in digital signage, as it is extremely beneficial to stores and customers alike, so the leap to purchasing new displays is always a great option. If you want to update your digital signage displays, then nothing should hold you back. They are an affordable and longer-term investment, and improve your valued customers’ shopping experiences.

No matter your reason for replacing your digital signs with newer ones, shop at The Global Display Solution where we have quality digital signs for all of your business’ needs.