Why Simple Fonts Are Better for Point-of-Purchase Signs

Why Simple Fonts Are Better for Point-of-Purchase Signs

Published by Global Display Solution on August 5, 2022, 10:22 am

Point-of-purchase signs can be tricky to design because of their location in your store. In fact, many marketing teams don’t know that simple fonts are better for point-of-purchase signs. Before you design one more sign for your retail store’s point-of-purchase display, make sure you read these notes.

Understanding Point-of-Purchase Signs

Maybe you’ve never heard the term “point-of-purchase signs,” but you probably see them all the time. A point of purchase sign is a display component that typically resides in a store near the point-of-purchase area, aka the checkout line or kiosk. POP signs, displays, and promotions help drive sales for retailers. Because of their proximity to the checkout, POP displays often encourage customers to make impulse purchases. Businesses use them to display smaller items or products that are part of a sale or promotion.

Examples of Point-of-Purchase Signs

You can use any type of signage as a point-of-purchase sign, though retailers often use certain types of signs for convenience. Large signs or displays near the checkout counter can feel misplaced and unnatural. Businesses often use smaller signs such as shelf clips and edging, shelf endcaps, display stands, and more. Utilizing vertical space through posters, banners, and other hanging signage is an effective way to display POP signs.

Why Use Simple Fonts on Point-of-Purchase Signs

Because many of the most common point-of-purchase signs are smaller in scale, it’s crucial to use a simple font in your designs. Even in larger POP displays, customers may only have a moment to read your signage before checking out. For this reason, try to keep your font and color choices simple when designing your POP signage. Customers should be able to read your promotional message quickly and clearly. If your customers can’t read your signage in time, they probably won’t add your POP display products to their cart.

When designing POP messaging for your smaller signage like shelf price tag holders, remember these reasons why simple fonts are better for point-of-purchase signs. If you need additional signage for your POP displays, you can find all the signage materials and accessories you need here at The Global Display Solutions.