Why the Material Thickness of a Sign Holder Matters

Why the Material Thickness of a Sign Holder Matters

Published by Global Display Solution on February 24, 2023, 9:42 am

Working in the retail business requires owners, managers, and employees to worry about every aspect for the benefit of the store and the product. In retail, it’s all about the details. The products and pricing are significant, but the supplies for displaying and showcasing are also important. Check out why the material thickness of a sign holder matters.


Thin sign holders are not your friends. A thicker material is more durable. Over time, those sign holders will see some wear and tear. The thicker the material, the less likely signs are to degrade over time.

Your sign holders need to be long-lasting and resistant. It gives the signs more weight and the ability to withstand bumps, scratches, and falls. More durability also means the sign is less likely to crack or break instead the store or during transit.


What’s the purpose of a sign holder? It displays the pricing of a product or important information for customers, and it protects the signage. Think about all the people that frequent your store, constantly walking by with shopping carts or arms full of products.

A customer could accidentally knock over or bump into a sign at any given moment. Casual bumps can always happen in a crowded store, so a thick sign holder protects the sign from damage.

Those casual bumps will have a negative effect over time. A thick sign holder will protect the sign from tears and fading so the message is always clear.


Quality matters in every business, especially retail. Even when people buy items at lower prices, they don’t want to be reminded of the pricing by feeling the material. The same rules apply to sign holders. Thick ones reflect what type of business you own or manage.

Good quality is always beneficial for a business. Thick sign holders look more attractive and make the store appealing. Your customers will feel like they’re in a high-quality store, and that could encourage them to come back.


Store maintenance might be the least favorite thing to do in retail, but it’s unavoidable. The store needs to look presentable, and you can make your job easier and take away one extra maintenance task.

Thick sign holders don’t mean you can neglect maintenance. It just means you won’t have to do it as often. Thin sign holders probably need your weekly attention, if not daily. With thick sign sleeves, you can space out how often you clean and take care of them.

All signs inside a retail store matter, and the material thickness of a sign holder is equally important. At Global Display Solutions, we’re all about signage and proper signage protection. For more information, visit our website.