Why Window Displays Are Still an Effective Selling Strategy

Why Window Displays Are Still an Effective Selling Strategy

Published by Global Display Solution on July 18, 2022, 3:10 pm

If you run a retail store, don’t forget about your store’s window space. Your storefront is crucial real estate when it comes to promoting your business. Some business owners decorate their storefront once a year and then forget about it, but this is a waste of space. Find out why window displays are still an effective marketing tool and how to use them to boost sales for your store.

Window Displays Promote Products and Offers

Your storefront is the perfect place to display exciting new products and promotions. Does your business have new or seasonal items that you’re excited to promote? Create a window display centered around these new items. If you’re offering any limited-time or seasonal promotions, adding a poster or sign to your storefront window is the perfect way to promote these deals. Promotions appeal to new and returning customers alike, so use your storefront windows to educate all your customers and promote your marketing.

Window Displays Build Brand Awareness

Over half of potential shoppers identify themselves as visual learners, which means window displays have become increasingly important for telling the story of your business. Even if a customer doesn’t stop to visit your store, simply passing by and browsing your products and promotions helps build brand awareness. A passing customer may remember your storefront later or associate it with a certain product. If your storefront was appealing, they may even tell their friends and family, which further increases recognition.

Window Displays Attract New Customers

There are plenty of ways to retarget previous customers to your business but getting new customers through your door is more difficult. This is why having an appealing window display is so important for any retail store. Your window display acts as the first impression of your business. An appealing storefront display could be what helps customers go from simply window shopping to browsing shelves in a store. Keep rotating your window display often to attract more attention to your store and keep potential customers engaged.

Now that you know how window displays are still effective for marketing your business, take this inspiration and rearrange your own storefront. If you need store display materials such as window sign holders to display your recent deals, you’ll find everything you need here at The Global Display Solutions. We’ll help you create the storefront design of your dreams.