Wind Pro LED Light Double Sided Sidewalk Sign | Water Base | Caster Wheels | Silver

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Professional durable water base prevents your signs from tilting over on moderate wind conditions. Round base corners guarantee maximum safety on the pavement. The water base can be filled with water or sand to increase weight and stability. Roll-on wheels are provided for easy transport.

This Sidewalk Pavement Sign is made of the finest materials while providing the highest level of quality. To ensure the sustainability of the quality, the frame is made of aluminum with anodized finish. Water Base is made of durable HLPE (High-Density Polyethylene) material. Locable insert and battery compartment provide tamper protection.

This pavement sidewalk sign can be used indoor or outdoor. An excellent way to get attention when you want to display marketing advertisements, restaurant menus, promotions, signs, or important messages. It can be used in a multipurpose setting, whether this may be at your place of business, office, outdoors, markets, cafes, events like conventions, weddings, birthdays, party.

LED illuminated sidewalk poster holder comes with an easy loading double-sided Aluminum Frame. UV PC cover allows a clear view of the poster and protects the insert from dust and weather conditions. LED illumination is achieved by specially treated acrylic and provides homogenous lighting. Pre-treated light-guided panels diffuse the light even & powerful. It has a 26.6V (12V DC), 10A, lithium, rechargeable battery.


  • Viewable Area: 22.52" x 32.32"
  • Media Size: 23.38"w x 33.11"h
  • Material: Aluminum

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