A-Frame Sidewalk Sign Display | Dark Beech Wood | 23.6"W x 46.25"H

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Display large chalkboard signs with this attractive, vintage styled Dark Beech Wood Outdoor/Indoor A-Frame. Use chalk, chalkboard pen or water based/scent free markers to write important promotions and messages. Utilize both sides of the chalkboard to attract the attention of customers from both directions. This A-Frame also has a magnetic feature to post extra promotions/messages on the board. The lacquered finish on the beech wood ensures durability and the high quality chalkboard makes it so there is no leftover residue from the previous message after wiping it off. The aluminum composite backing provides availability for open air usage in the outdoors. Not only can you use this outdoors, but in many different facilities indoors such as offices, malls, education centers, restaurants, etc. Easy to fold and transport when needed. 


  • Chalkboard Size: 23.6"w x 47.25"l 
  • Magnetic feature
  • Double Sided
  • Material: Beech wood 
  • Overall Height: 57.09"h 
  • Weight: 34lbs 

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