Adjustable Pallet Sign Holder - 11" x 7" Frame

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PSSH-72 SFR117Kit
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Workman Pallet Sign Holders® are a great looking and effective solution for pallet and bulk merchandising in retail and material handling/warehouse scenarios. The pallet sign holder works great for displaying merchandising signage for wine displays, floral departments, tables, and material handling applications. Post reverses to allow for displaying signs in either direction of shovel base. Steel springs on display post allow for adjustment in height ranging from 44"-70"h inches. Remember to Pair the Workman Pallet sign holder with accessories such as hanging frames and sign protectors.


  • Includes 11" x 7" Hanging Frame
  • Sign post height: 44"-70" inches
  • Sign hook placement: 8.5" or 11.25"
  • Sign height conveniently adjusts to four positions: 44"-70"
  • Reversible Post: Holds life sized sign or choose your choice of sign holder from our featured accessories
  • Powder coated Black Finish


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