Angled Price Tag Holder | For Double Wire Cooler Shelf | For Bottom Shelf of Coolers | 28"L x 1.25"H Labels | Black

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Free Shipping
10/Pack OR 50/Pack


An inexpensive way to have labels visible without having to crouch down on the floor. The angled design makes it perfect to place on the bottom/lower levels of a double wire cooler/freezer shelf. Features a clear, PVC protective cover to keep prevent paper labels from curling caused from the condensation in the cooler or freezer. Using a Shelf strip in your coolers/freezers increases organization and is an effective way to label and/or advertise products. They also reduce expenses by being able to use paper labels instead of costly vinyl labels and reduce labor expense by eliminating the need to constantly fix labels that have moved and then promote the incorrect item. 


  • Length: 28"L
  • Color: Black
  • Accepts 1 1/4" tall inserts
  • Clips onto 0.3875"H Double Wire Shelving 
  • Please note: these do not fit Zero-Zone double wire shelves.

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10/Pack OR 50/Pack
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    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Brian Staudinger on January 25, 2023, 7:54 am


    works great, stays on shelf. doesn't intrude on the shelf underneath the shelf.

    some of our coolers sets get tight, with the old rail strips I sometime have to remove them because the product will catch the strip. with these bottom rail strips I can use anywhere. they also keep the glide and product from sliding of shelf in some occasions. my only wish is that you sold them more in bulk. like 50 or more to a case.