Multiple Roles of Shelf Tag Holders

Multiple Roles of Shelf Tag Holders

Published by Global Display Solution on October 26, 2023, 2:48 pm

Store owners, as well as facility and retail managers are tasked with taking into account much more than just the products and merchandise in their stores. While displaying their wares is critical, there are additional factors to consider beyond just the merchandise in their stores. The layout is also an important factor, and this goes beyond aisles and displays. Similarly, retailers also need to focus on the shelf signage, as this is often the first bit of information the customers see when they are scrutinizing products on shelves. What it conveys and how it does it, then, is really critical.

Directional signage and creative displays are tremendously helpful in directing flow. But shelf edge signage plays a different role: it explains the very specific information about the individual products the shoppers are browsing. This information is placed at the edge of the shelf, facing outwards toward the customer and is called, depending on the industry – shelf tag holders, shelf tag strips, data tags, price tag moldings, and concave channels – just to name a few!

Refresh Your Retail Location’s Look

Changing out shelf tag holders is a quick and easy way to update your store’s brand. At The Global Display Solution (TGDS), we offer a variety of shelf strip colors, so owners can refresh their look of their store without having to buy completely new shelving units. In addition, variety of colors is important because it is a good practice to use contrasting colors for these price tag signs. The most visible colors are black, white and red for the text, so keep this in mind when you are shopping for data strips and consider selecting ones with a background that complements your price tag text.

Finally, it is important to remember not to place the shelf tags too close together. Doing this could cause confusion over which code to scan for which product. Best practices indicate owners should place these signs in the center of the row, at a distance of between 2.5” and 5” from the next one. This creates a functional process for your customer and a clean and organized look for the store. Remember, you want your customers to have the information they need to make a buying decision and also to feel confident your store is organized, streamlined, and your products are displayed at their optimal best.

Convey Important Information

Using shelf strips to display product names, prices, barcodes, brand colors, and promotional information is a popular and effective way to inform customers since they often have all the information shoppers need.

Owners can include barcodes on their shelf labels, which really come in handy if a staff member needs information on the product to provide it to an inquiring customer. The workers can simply and quickly scan the barcode to get relevant, pertinent information the customer can use to make a buying decision.

Ensuring Good Condition of Shelf Tags

Retailers work hard to ensure their signs are not torn, tattered, rolled up at the edges or otherwise unclean and unattractive. One way to take this a step further is to consider shelf strips that include a clear protective lens, as several of ours do. These create the professional image most stores strive to achieve.

Moreover, shelf tag holders with paper labels are much easier to change and replace when the need arises to change prices or other information. Using adhesive tag holders, rather than tags that fit into shelf strips, requires more time and energy to switch out. By using paper labels in your shelf tag holders, you’ll be able to change out damage tags more quickly.

Knowing the role and available options for shelf signage can be critical in running your retail operation. It’s important to understand how the most popular type, data strips, can benefit your operation and to know there are several options available to consider at The Global Display Solutions. For more information, visit our website.