3 Creative Ways To Boost Valentine's Day Sales

3 Creative Ways To Boost Valentine's Day Sales

31st Jan 2018

Several studies, including one from Brigham Young University, have found that merchandise with a sign will outsell merchandise without a sign by up to 20%. But as a retailer, getting ideas for creative retails display ideas isn't always the easiest task. However, with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, there are countless ways to organize and promote your merchandise to appeal to a wider audience and boost sales. Here are just a few point of sale display tips for boosting Valentine's Day sales.

Consider Early Shoppers Specials
One great way to attract shoppers for the holiday is to offer a special discount to those who are among the first to do complete their shopping. Valentine's Day sales typically start around the first week of February, so offering an extra 20% to 30% off can work wonders in getting more merchandise off the shelves before the holiday's end. Offering these types of promotions through email registries can also help customers develop a sense of loyalty and commitment to your retail outlet. This early boost in sales can also prevent much of your store's Valentines Day themed merchandise from ending up on the clearance rack after the holiday.

Offer Gift Wrapping
Gift wrapping isn't just for the Christmas season anymore -- these days, many people will pay a few extra dollars for gift wrapping just so they can provide maximum aesthetic appeal with their selected gifts. It's also a matter of simple convenience -- shoppers can either pay an extra fee for a professional gift wrapping job, or spend the extra time and money to get the job done themselves, poorly.

Get Seasonal
Finally, a big part of attracting customers to your storefront is presentation, regardless of the time of year. Taking advantage of employees' creativity and allowing them to provide insight about unique store display ideas can really help attract shoppers to the right parts of your store and encourage them to rely on you for their holiday shopping needs. According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unplanned purchases were made thanks to a display noticed while shopping, and these creative store display ideas can make or break almost any seasonal sale.

Ultimately, being aware of these tips can help you maximize Valentine's Day sales. For more information about free standing signs, indoor sign stands, price tags, or creative product display ideas, contact The Global Display Solution.