3 Tips for Using In-Store Signage To Sell Products Online

3 Tips for Using In-Store Signage To Sell Products Online

Published by Global Display Solution on July 27, 2022, 9:46 am

Don’t feel like you have to keep your retail and online stores as separate entities. In fact, advertising your online store through in-store signage can help increase online sales and traffic to your website. Use these tips to utilize in-store signage to gain more impressions and sell more products online.

Educate In-Store Customers

Customers who visit your store in person may not even realize your business has an e-commerce store. Customers who live down the street might prefer shopping in-store; however, for those customers who must travel longer distances, the fact that your business has an online store could be great news. When customers have questions about selection or inventory, consider mentioning your online website or catalog to spread the news. You can also hang signage throughout the store to notify your customers of your online selection.

Include QR Codes

Some examples of in-store signage are more effective at increasing online foot traffic than others. Simply adding your online store’s link to your in-store banners or business cards is a great first step, but there are more advanced ways to encourage online traffic from your in-store customers. Consider creating a custom QR code for your business that links back to your online store. This way, customers can easily take out their smartphones and scan your QR code on their way into or out of your store.

QR code technology is convenient and fast. Your customers will be more likely to visit your site through a QR code than by typing your link manually into their search engine as they shop.

Invest in Digital Signage

Digital signage is the way of the future when it comes to in-store marketing. When you imagine digital signage, you might picture the giant signs lighting up Times Square in New York. However, the digital signage the average retailer relies on is much smaller and more accessible. Digital signage is great for drawing customers’ attention to your store’s news—in this case, your online store link. You can even utilize touchscreen displays and digital signage that customers can interact with that will take them directly to your online store or catalog.

Don’t be afraid to allow your online store and retail store marketing to mix. The combination of physical, in-store marketing and digital marketing for your online store can help your business see more profits than ever. Just remember these tips for using in-store signage to attract more customers to your online store, leading to more sales. Once you have your signs ready with your links and QR codes, make sure to protect them with retail store sign holders, available here at The Global Display Solutions.