3 Top Ideas for High-Profit Grocery & C-Store Product Display

3 Top Ideas for High-Profit Grocery & C-Store Product Display

Posted by Global Display Solution on October 19, 2021, 11:11 am

If you’re struggling to get customers to stop and shop from your grocery and convenience store displays, you must catch their attention first. Here are some of the three top ideas for high-profit grocery and c-store product displays. These tips will help you build eye-catching displays that will keep your customers’ attention and encourage more sales.

Try a Themed Display

A great way to increase profits and attract customer attention to your displays is to keep them current and try a new theme. Pay attention to upcoming holidays and other events, such as big sports games or even community events. Themed displays attract curiosity and interest in new and seasonal products, so they’re great for scattering throughout your store. And don’t forget to pair some eye-catching marketing with retail display sign holders for an extra layer of attention-grabbing.

Strategic Display Layouts

All the effort you spend painstakingly setting up your displays will go to waste if no one sees or walks by them. Make sure you have a strategy for where you set up your displays for maximum engagement. For example, some of the most effective spots around your store for situating displays are:

  • Near the entrance. You can catch your customer’s eye as soon as they walk into your store. This is a good spot for featuring new brands and trending products. Seasonal products are also a great eye-catcher for an entrance display.
  • Center aisles. Make sure to place high-margin items in areas with lots of foot traffic. For example, grocery and convenience stores often feature food items towards the back of the store to compel customers to shop along the way.
  • Checkout. Don’t forget to include a few eye-catching displays near checkout to feature any more seasonal or impulse purchases. Often, displays near checkout can encourage last-minute additions to your customer’s cart.

Rotate Products Often

Especially in a grocery store setting, you’re going to want to keep rotating your products often. Make sure food items look as fresh as possible to attract the buyer. Keep food displays in a shallow box or fill deeper containers with filler material to avoid wasting products that your customer can’t even see. For displays near the front of the store, make sure you rotate these products so that returning customers don’t get bored as soon as they walk into the store.

Now that you know the three top ideas for high-profit grocery and c-store product displays, you can try these ideas in your store. If you need promotional materials to go along with your displays, visit The Global Display Solutions for all your retail display needs.