5 Creative Insert Ideas for Your A-Frame Sign

5 Creative Insert Ideas for Your A-Frame Sign

Published by Global Display Solution on October 19, 2022, 10:14 am

Owners place signage in their stores for a reason; it’s mainly for decoration, though there are decorative styles to them. The signs in stores relay a message to the customers. But what good do they do if no one stops to read them? They should serve a dual purpose.

First, they need to convey important messages, and second, they need to spruce up the store a bit. But which signs should do that the most? Here’s our take on the subject. Check out these five creative insert ideas for your A-frame sign.

What Is an A-Frame Sign?

An A-frame sign holds true to the name. The sign represents the shape of the letter it refers to, and people see them across the world in retail and grocery stores alike. They are the pretty standard form of advertisement most business owners go for.

An A-frame sign has two faces, and that just makes it even more useful, as potential customers get messages from both the front and the back. The two faces have a hinge connecting them at the top and two legs on each side at the bottom, making a total of four legs to stand up.

If the sign happens to start taking up too much space in the store, owners can fold it so it lays flat, but customers still see the words and images displayed. Because of their versatility, owners will place these signs either indoors or outdoors. They are great promotional use if you’re looking to get more people inside your store, as they help create traffic without being too loud.

Product Placement

If there’s a new product in the store, it needs attention. New items get overlooked because the average customer comes in already knowing what they want to purchase. They don’t give any of the new items a chance to grab their attention.

An A-frame sign solves all of that. Place the sign-off center of the product. Don’t place it directly in front or beyond the product because people will have difficulty seeing or not care to notice it. Having it off to the side should do the trick and bring in the right crowd.

Owners can also use the sign to advertise a new service provided. Customers and clients can enter the store not knowing what all you have in store for them, pun intended. It’s a good idea to start product and new service promotions during the holiday season. This is when people shop the most, and any new item you can get their attention turned to works in your favor.

Additionally, the holidays make it easier to decorate the A-frame sign. You can just match the theme of the upcoming holiday if you’re having a hard time being creative with the design.

Event Coordinating

Any events approaching or you plan to host could use a sidewalk A-frame sign holder. It’s about drawing in the crowd and giving customers a reason to enter the store. If you happen to have a booth open at a fair, convention, or festival, the sign also works well.

These signs create more sidewalk traffic and help increase sales; once they do the trick and grab everyone’s attention, their work is done. Now it’s up to you to get them to stay and purchase something. These signs work so much better than having people outside the store trying to accost customers to come inside.

How many people have you seen standing outside stores with flyers, trying to talk to people who pass by? And how many people have you seen ignore them? Sometimes customers don’t want to be approached. They want to make the decision to shop on their own. The sign conveniences them that they weren’t coerced.

Create Distinction

Is your store located along a strip mall? Most retail locations are lined up with others, even grocery stores. With this setup, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Use one of our A-frame signs to create some distinction.

Here at Global Display Solutions, we understand the importance of individuality, especially in sales. Blending in and seeming like the rest does not do well for business. If you have nothing to show that’s different, others won’t feel the need to survey your store. They’ll just figure, “What’s the difference if it’s all the same products and services anyways?”

The A-frame sign helps to promote individuality, creativity, and uniqueness. Even if the sign does not say much, it says more than the competition because you have one, and they don’t. Sometimes, all it takes is a sign to be the deciding factor.

Sale Promotion

People typically don’t know about sales until they step inside a store. They might have seen the promotion in an ad on TV or on social media, but if they don’t follow you or missed the commercial, then they didn’t get the news.

It’s important to cover every platform when advertising a sale. Promote every new sale you have going on inside the store with these signs. It’s a good idea to place the signage near the entrance, so customers are aware before they even start shopping. If there are specific products going on sale, place the frame near the items.

Sales promotion is the exact nudge a customer sometimes needs to convince them of the deal they are just minutes away from having. Try and use the sign to tell the customer all the advantages of the sale. It can be as simple as making one statement. For example, show them the comparative cost and what they will be saving with you—and remind them if it’s a limited-time offer.

Social Media Advertisement

Sometimes business owners just need to increase their following. If there is nothing specific to promote in the store that day or month, remember that you can always promote your brand. The brand always deserves some attention.

Place the store’s social media profiles and website on the sign. Encourage customers to follow you and subscribe to the site’s page. They will then be able to receive constant updates on things happening with the store for their benefit. This way, if there is too much happening that you can’t place on one sign, you don’t have to try.

Using the sign to direct customers to the place where they can get all the information they need solves that problem. A-frame signs are the perfect middlemen between business and customer relations.

These are just a few creative insert ideas for your A-frame signs. There are so many other ways to improve your store. For more information, visit our website.

5 Creative Insert Ideas for Your A-Frame Sign