How Many Storefront Window Signs Is Too Many?

How Many Storefront Window Signs Is Too Many?

Published by Global Display Solution on June 16, 2023, 2:36 am

A retail store’s exterior and interior designs speak volumes, so retailers should focus on more than the merchandise. They need to entice potential customers to enter the store, and that all starts with the first impression. What do shoppers see when walking past your store? Do you display signage? How many storefront window signs is too many?

Sign Regulations

Retailers need to abide by sign regulations. The US government bases these regulations on the locality of the store. Local laws may affect the number of signs you can put on your storefront and where you can place them.

In most locations, signs may not occupy more than 10 percent of a window. Failure to adhere could result in the store owner receiving a fine. Typically, retailers receive a notice and are granted a certain number of days to follow the rules. Check with your local government about the signage laws for your business.

Perceived Message

After checking with the local government, store owners need to consider aesthetics. Start with the message you want customers to receive. Are you advertising a sale, new promotion, or new merchandise?

Depending on the purpose of the sign, you can determine how many to place on your storefront windows. Two signs are ideal for sales and deals. Place them where shoppers can see them from any angle when they walk by your storefront. Announce new products with one or two signs. You want to get customers’ attention but not overwhelm them.

Size of the Window

Consider the size of the window. If your store is small, don’t put up too many signs. Three or more signs could make the storefront look asymmetrical. Things need to look uniform and neat, and too many signs in small windows can make it difficult for customers to see your merchandise. Keep signage to a minimum, and let the products do the talking.

Style of the Sign

Think about the style of the signs. Storefront window signs don’t come in one form; they can be as unique as you want! You don’t have to stick with rectangular signs—you can even make them digital.

Give unique signs their own spotlights. Using them as door sign holders makes them the center focus because customers’ eyes will automatically go there when entering your store. Decide whether you’ll place the sign facing outdoors or indoors.

After learning these four key points, you know how many storefront window signs is too many. At Global Display Solution, we’ve got plenty of signs for you to look through. For more information, visit our website.