How Often You Should Change Store Advertising Displays

How Often You Should Change Store Advertising Displays

Published by Global Display Solution on September 1, 2021, 2:36 pm

The use of store advertising displays is among the forefront methods to get new customers in your door. Whether you utilize digital or traditional methods, these displays are useful for conveying new information and promotions to your customers. But have you ever considered how often you should change store advertising displays? Find out how to avoid stale advertisements and keep attracting new customers to your door.

Traditional Physical Displays

Having an impressive physical advertising display is vital for getting potential customers in your door. Think of all the window shoppers that pass by your store daily. If you don’t change your physical advertising occasionally, these potential customers may start to tune out your message. The timing varies from store to store, but you’ll want to get into the habit of swapping your displays regularly. Whether that is once a day, once a week, or once a month depends on your time and resources. However, remember that the more often you can update your display, the better. A simple way to update your physical signage is to use a sidewalk sign or board. If you need inspiration, check out The Global Display Solutions’ lineup of sidewalk A-frame sign holders.

Digital Displays

Digital displays can include anything from a TV display to a full digital poster, sign, or kiosk. Digital displays are convenient because all it takes is a few programming or computer edits to swap out your advertising. Because digital displays make this process so easy, you should take advantage of this and change up your advertising often. Try updating your advertisements multiple times for people who may pass your signage several times per day. You could even have multiple pieces of content queued up to create a revolving door of new ads.

Benefits of Changing Advertising Regularly

The number one benefit of changing your store display frequently, whether it’s physical or digital, is to draw more attention to your store. If customers see the same signage every time they pass your business, they’ll start to tune it out. Updating your displays can keep things new and fresh. You can also use signage to share limited-time promotions and deals with your customers, which can further entice new faces into your store.

Overall, if you’re wondering how often you should change your store advertising displays, the simple answer is that you should do it as often as possible. Keep your storefront looking fresh and new for any window shoppers and potential customers that might pass by frequently. And utilize tools like outdoor signs and digital displays that can help make the updating process easier and faster than ever.