How to Display Clearance & On-Sale Merchandise

How to Display Clearance & On-Sale Merchandise

Published by Global Display Solution on May 10, 2021, 2:31 am

Promotions are great ways to draw customers into your store and explore your products. Yet, an influx of customers expecting a sale means you must put your store in order. Here is how to display clearance and on-sale merchandise.

Place Products Strategically

The first key to success with selling clearance items is their location in the store. If you want people to see your sale items, don’t huddle them in the corner or back of your store. Instead, place them front and center where everyone walks by. This means adding a table by your entrance with a solid dose of deals for passersby. You can also place cheaper clearance items by the checkout to entice customers to spend another dollar or two. By taking advantage of these high foot traffic areas, more people will see your products, and more people will buy them.

Group All Related Items

When people want to take advantage of a sale, they want to see all available discounted items in one place. It is best to avoid sparsely spread-out items and keep them close together. Suppose you had a large bakery order cancel after making all the goods. You could have a clearance table for all bakery goods that are near-expired. This way, anyone in the mood for a cheap sweet can peruse all the options in one go.

Use Big and Bold Signage

The product display itself is vital to the success of a clearance sale. You must use big and bold signage to grab your customers’ attention—there’s a reason business owners use large, red signs to promote their sales. Also, make sure each shelf price tag holder reflects the discounted price and not the original one. With this detail in place, people can trust that they are getting the best deals and that you put thought into selling these items.

Knowing how to display clearance and on-sale merchandise can make or break your promotion. If you need professional input while organizing your pricing or displays, our team at The Global Display Solution is ready to help. With a bit of display creativity and proven marketing techniques, you can sell your overstock and almost-expired produce in no time.