How To Display Health Foods and Supplements in Stores

How To Display Health Foods and Supplements in Stores

Published by Global Display Solution on November 12, 2021, 2:31 am

It can be difficult to sell health foods and supplements in a physical store. Because customers are curious about their benefits, nutrition facts, and other details, these products are easier to describe and sell online. However, there are strategies that you can use to get these items moving in-store as well. If you’ve been wondering how to display health foods and supplements in stores, then keep reading for some useful tips and tricks.

Get Creative With Your Arrangements

If your store specializes in supplements and health foods, your customers can choose from many specific products. In this case, you’ll want to organize your shelves by product type. However, if your store is more general, consider getting creative with your organization to draw attention to these products. You could organize your health foods and supplements by a goal, such as “immunity,” “weight loss,” or “workout supplements.” This way, customers can identify products that resonate with their goals rather than tracking down something specific.

Try a Seasonal Approach

Some health foods and supplements are perfect for marketing at certain times of the year. For example, many consumers will stock up on vitamins and minerals before and during flu season. Some products can help consumers manage their seasonal allergies, which is perfect to market during the spring and autumn months. You could even promote functional foods and workout supplements during the late spring and early summer for those who want to build beach-ready bodies. The demand for these products skyrockets during these time windows, so display them prominently in your store near the entrance or checkouts. Seasonal displays are perfect for featuring these products.

Make the Most of Signage

Most customers won’t understand the benefits and effects of some supplements or vitamins just by glancing at the bottle. For products with complex packaging or benefits that you want to highlight, try placing some extra signage near the product. You could design a small sign with a description of the product to place behind or hang next to the shelf price tag holder. Just ensure that your message is concise and clear, or it won’t explain the product any better than the bottle.

It’s difficult to find creative ways to display supplements in your brick-and-mortar store. The next time you find yourself wracking your brain over how to display health foods and supplements in your store, try incorporating some of these methods for more engagement and sales.