Indoor and Outdoor Display Ideas for Summer Sales

Indoor and Outdoor Display Ideas for Summer Sales

Posted by Global Display Solution on 07.12.21

During the summer, people come out to vacation, party, and play. It is the best time of year to have promotions since people feel that the world is sunnier and more vibrant than ever. When people feel good, they are more likely to buy things. While you have summer deals planned, you may not know how to put those deals into practice. Here are a few of the best indoor and outdoor display ideas for summer sales.

Use Floral Arrangements

While many people associate flowers with spring and the arrival of new life, summertime has its fair share of unique blooms. There are dozens of annual and perennial plants you could use in your indoor or outdoor summer display. Whether people know the exact flowers you use does not matter: what matters is that you make a connection between the beauty of summertime flora and the aesthetic of your products.

Show Fun Flowers

You should choose floral arrangements appropriate for the summer, including flowers like petunias, lavender, hydrangeas, lilies, and begonias. These are just a few of the many options out there, so keep looking for flowers that will make your products pop. When selecting your specific summer flowers, you should consider the theme and color scheme of your store. What are your three most prominent colors? What are the colors of your promotional signage and other materials? What about the products themselves? Color psychology plays a large part in how customers interact with your displays, so make sure you choose your plants wisely.

Anticipate the Logistics

It is vital to consider where you want your flowers before settling on an arrangement. If you opt for an outdoor display, you should think about how the flowers will last in the heat and rain. Are they outdoor plants by nature, or will they need shelter? If you opt for an indoor display, you should factor in the watering schedule and ensure the flowers receive enough sunlight. Should you decide that your display will last for more than a few days, you may need recurring shipments of fresh flowers or go in on fake flowers for your exhibit.

Promote Summer Activities

During the summer, people take advantage of the hot sun and warm waters around the world. Pools, lakes, and oceans—bodies of water are the hot destination for all summer vacationers. So, capitalize on this trend with outdoor activities, especially around water.

The Pool and the Ocean

The pool and the ocean are sunny escapes for people who want to enjoy the sun and splash around in refreshing water. You should take these motifs and put them into your displays so that people notice them. Consider dressing your mannequins in bathing suits and locate them on a sunny beach. You can add beach balls, shovels, pails, and seagulls to complete the beachy vibe. When people pass by this display, they will immediately notice the summer themes and see what merchandise you offer related to their upcoming vacations.

Nautical themes are not always about leisure, though. There are lots of activities on the water that you can use as props for your display. Seafaring vessels, such as anchors, fishing nets, boat wheels, hold a wealth of inspiration. You can use these items in your display to accentuate your ocean theme. Consider stringing up a fishing net as a backdrop and tying in small crabs, fish, and anchors throughout—this could serve as an attention-getting display background.

Sea Creatures and Beyond

Water and fun activities are not the only things at the beach—sea creatures also exist in these spaces. Summer is the perfect time to center your display theme around everything that lies in the ocean. You should consider setting seashells and cartoon depictions of ocean animals throughout your display. If you want to advertise snorkeling gear or bathing suits, you can put in a few sea creatures to make the adventure more specific.

Focus On Food

Few things bring people together like food, especially on a sunny summer day. Most events and functions during the summer will include a portion of outdoor activity, often accompanied by food. For your promotion, you should center your products around summertime foods that people will buy in bulk.

Bring the Backyard Barbecue

For instance, suppose you run a supermarket where people buy most of their groceries. The foods you sell during the summertime will differ from other seasons, so make the most of those items while people desperately want them. You should create a display built around the backyard barbecue. Cultivate an attractive selection of potato chips, burger patties, refreshing beverages, and more. Then, you should accentuate the products themselves with the display design. You can add a green yard with a fence in the background. Or you could put a cutout grill on display next to the meats. No matter how you do it, you should focus on the homey food theme.

Explore a Nature Hike

Just as people peer into the depths of the sea during summer, they explore the highest heights in the lush mountains. Depending on the location of your store or the products you sell, you could have an incredible product line that caters to hikers who take snacks and camping gear up rugged trails. Rig your display with hiking poles, steel-toed boots, and forested scenery. The more you invite the customer to envision themselves in the wilderness, the more likely they are to peruse your summer sale.

Remember these indoor and outdoor display ideas for summer sales as you develop your marketing plan. Summertime promotions can make a huge difference in your profits, so make every effort to maximize your reach with your advertising materials. If you have any questions about how to put your display together, reach out to us at The Global Display Solution. For example, you may need sign protectors for your outdoor signage that you otherwise may not use. Contact our experienced team, and we can help you plan your display and find all the materials you need.

Indoor and Outdoor Display Ideas for Summer Sales