Quick Tips for Creating a Window Display

Quick Tips for Creating a Window Display

January 11, 2021, 1:23 pm

As a business, you lease or own your storefront, which likely has an outward-facing window or two. These windows don’t merely serve to let light into your store; they also act as incredible marketing opportunities. Here are a handful of quick tips for creating a window display.

Use Bold Shapes and Colors

Your window display must be bold. Without eye-catching shapes and colors, you won’t draw people’s attention to your products. Whether you want to promote your new seasonal lineup or communicate the details of a current promotion, window displays must attract the eye. Find ways to incorporate dimensionality and dynamism with moving parts or blinking lights. Anything you can do to go bigger and bolder will bolster your customer traffic.

Focus on Accessibility

Without an easy-to-spot sign or simple information, you will completely miss all your customers, let alone your target audience. Accessibility relates to the position, legibility, and wording of your signage. People must be able to read what you write or your communication is lost on them. You must also be wary of word choice, so find accessible and relatable language that conveys your message succinctly.

Utilize Display Backgrounds

You should build displays around central themes and ideas to promote specific products and information. However, you must also factor in the background behind these displays. Do you want a clear view of the rest of your store, or do you want a focused scene of the display? How will you put up the signage and items? Be sure to use the right window sign holder and display cases. If you need a place to start, check out our selection at The Global Display Solution.

There are many advantages to window displays, but you must implement them wisely to reap the benefits. Utilize these quick tips for creating a window display as you prepare for your next promotion, and watch as more consumers filter through your doors.