The 3 Most Effective (And Impressive) Ways to Display Your Store's Sign

The 3 Most Effective (And Impressive) Ways to Display Your Store's Sign

August 21, 2018, 2:00 am

An increasing number of businesses are placing more emphasis on their online marketing presence and while this is necessary for the times, having strong in-store signage is equally as important. In a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, they found that 16% of unplanned purchases happened because consumers noticed a display while shopping. Effective custom retail displays grab the attention of a shopper and convince them to step foot into the store, which hopefully leads to a profitable purchase. 

  1. Free Standing Outdoor Signage: These easel-like signs stand on the sidewalk and can be placed just outside of your door to encourage passersby to enter. They vary in the material they're made of and that determines what exactly you can do with them. If you're worried about a free standing sign being blown down by winds, you can invest in a sturdy plastic or metal one with a pre-printed message. Free standing signs are also made as small chalkboards and dry-erase boards. If your business has a rotating offering of goods, like a restaurant or bakery, these signs are easy to customize to what you want to highlight on any given day. These are also a great way to display design creativity and a fun sense of humor if you have an employee that is artistically-inclined.

  2. Glass Door And Window Signs: If you need to make sure that your sign stays in its place and isn't taken by natural elements, you may need to use a window sign holder with suction cups that displays on the glass surfaces of your storefront. Most of these signs will come pre-printed, so you will have to be careful to choose an eye-catching design ahead of time. As a window sign holder with suction cups won't be able to stand apart from your store like a free standing sign, you will want the sign to be big enough to read from a distance and for the lettering and graphics on the sign to be easy to read. Signs for windows or doors should also be set at eye-level so that consumers will have a hard time missing it.

  3. Within A Window Display: When you want more than single glass window sign or a free standing sign, you could create a window display. This will require a decent amount of space in front of your store window and you will have to tap into your creativity to make it appealing and eye-catching. With a window display, you want to be bold yet keep it simple and you can create a focal point to center a consumer's vision. The focal point could be a stellar piece of merchandise or a mannequin that is dressed to represent your brand. Choosing a theme can also help to focus the display. Themes are typically seasonal, holiday-based, or build on two or three key colors. Any way that you structure the display, you should make sure that your sign still fits in well and is easy to see, that way consumers will easily associate your business with this inspiring display.

As people walk or drive around to complete their errands, they are likely to stop at an interesting store and make an impulsive purchase. The electronics hub Best Buy found that about 17% of its customers had not intended to stop there, but did so because they saw their sign. When a sign does its job, no matter if its part of a lavish window display, customized on a free standing easel, or strategically placed in a window sign holder with suction cups, it can bring in people who would have otherwise kept walking.