Tips for Digital Signage Maintenance

Tips for Digital Signage Maintenance

November 13, 2020, 1:49 am

Your digital signs need attentive upkeep or they may become broken and ineffective. Digital signage is worth the investment, but you must tend to it over time to ensure the longevity of your sign. Here are some tips for digital signage maintenance that will keep your signs working perfectly.

Train Employees on Proper Usage

Because digital signs are complex machines, they must be properly cleaned. But to provide the most consistent care and attention, you must train your employees on how to clean the sign thoroughly. As a preventative measure, consider coaching a handful of staff on how to use and operate the sign in every capacity so you can rely on others to maintain the sign when you are away. Ensure that those who alter, move, clean, and interact with the digital signage have the necessary training. You can rest assured the sign will last a long time.

Update Software and Replace Hardware

Digital sign maintenance revolves around both software and hardware. Be sure to update your sign’s software regularly and during non-business hours when customers are less likely to miss important information. Delaying software updates can leave you open to system incompatibilities and sophisticated cyberattacks. Also, your hardware will degrade over time and need replacing. Check the frames, screens, and cables for wear and tear. If you use your digital signs outdoors, this is especially important since any cracks can allow water to seep inside and cause lasting damage.

Use Adequate Protection

Many manufacturers build digital signs with features like thick glass and reinforced frames. But you should use additional protection around your sign to preserve it. Consider utilizing everything from a sneeze guard frame to a see-through encasing to guard your sign. If you want to know more about health protection equipment for your signs, check out our hanging sneeze shield kit at The Global Display Solution.

Use these tips for digital signage maintenance to keep your signs effective and in tip-top shape. With the right care and attention, you will have a beautiful sign that you can depend on day after day.