Why Your Business Needs Wayfinding Signage

Why Your Business Needs Wayfinding Signage


Your methods for directing customers through and around your store impact their experience. If you want to give people easy-to-follow guidance, consider wayfinding signs. Here is why your business needs wayfinding signage.

What Is Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding signage is just what its name implies: signage that directs people to a particular destination. For example, consider a large supermarket with a sale section in the back. Many customers may not find this haven of deals, but with floor sign stands that lead them to the right place, they can find and purchase the items you want to highlight.

Why Do You Need It?

Directional signage is critical for myriad reasons, from marketing to safety. You can always use a wayfinding sign to single out products you want to sell quickly. When people notice a sign pointing to one item or category, they’ll likely explore what you want them to see. You can also use directional signs to point people around your facilities and help them locate the bathrooms. Wayfinding signage is vital for emergency information such as fire escape routes and COVID-19 precautions.

How To Implement It?

Install a few wayfinding signs to provide organic customer experiences. Figure out where your customers need to go and show them how to get there. Design some sign ideas and try to incorporate your business logo and color scheme into them. Branded signage will boost your brand recognition. Then, find the right medium to present your information and post it in an accessible place. You don’t want your arrow pointing to the bathroom behind a shelf. If you want your wayfinding signage to perdure, check out our high-quality selection at The Global Display Solution today.

Knowing why your business needs wayfinding signage can help you better implement signs around your store. Whether you need tailored signage for your supermarket, restaurant, or retail store, peruse our selection at The Global Display Solution to find the answer to all your marketing and logistical questions.