Why Pedestal Sign Holders Are Still an Effective Sales Tool

Why Pedestal Sign Holders Are Still an Effective Sales Tool

Published by Global Display Solution on April 3, 2023, 8:11 am

Something is always changing in the retail industry. Whether it’s the way people buy products or the products themselves, shoppers and business owners can always expect new developments. Some tactics remain the same when selling merchandise because they get the job done. Keep reading to learn why pedestal sign holders are still effective sales tools.

Eye Catching

Sometimes, the information on the packaging and the product is way too small. Shoppers want to know what items they place in their carts and their prices. A pedestal sign holder solves that problem.

Customers can see the product and the pricing on the signage. Those are the two most important things they look for when shopping, no matter the store. Owners and managers always want to draw attention to their most popular items, but you can also use this method on the unpopular ones.

Instantly Relevant

The signs have ways of making merchandise instantly relevant. They practically scream, “you need to read this!” As soon as the sign catches a shopper’s eye, it’s almost impossible for them to glaze over it.

Use the relevancy to your advantage and place whatever important information on the sign you think customers should know. The products may be new or discounted. That’s all the vital information shoppers need to know.

Signals Impulse Purchases

Pedestal sign holders make it easier to entice shoppers to purchase additional products while they are already in the store. The signage could remind them of something they’re missing at home but didn’t add to their shopping list.

A large portion purchases in the food and drink industry are often unplanned. The shopper could’ve been on the fence about trying a new snack or beverage, and the sign was all the convincing they needed to make the purchase. Now, they’ve fallen in love with a new product!

Improves Branding

You can never go wrong with improved branding. Sometimes, the brand name sells the product, especially if customers are familiar with it. Make the brand name visible for shoppers so they don’t overlook the products.

Consider using pedestal sign holder stands for their versatility with positioning products in the store. You also have a chance to get imaginative with the images and messaging you display on the board. You can decide exactly how you want the brand to be marketed inside the store.

At Global Display Solution, we’re all about using signage to our advantage. Effective sales tools like pedestal sign holders are only one option we provide our customers. For more information, visit our website.